Oliver Shortall

Master Stylist

As a member of the prestigious Sebastian Artistic Team, Oliver has been instructing cutting and styling techniques around the US for the last four years. He got the opportunity to become a member through a rigorous audition process that involved several days of assisting and a presentation in front of a large audience and panel of accomplished Sebastian directors. One of them was Marylle Koken, owner of Venice hair salon The Harlot. It wasn’t long after that Oliver became a member of The Harlot family.

Oliver’s approach as a hair stylist is a personal; he executes couture looks that compliment each person’s unique features and personal preferences. His method of cutting allows for easy at home styling while still maintaining an edge. In terms of color, Oliver meets clients’ tastes, adding his artistic direction to obtain the best possible outcome, whether that is rich brunette, screaming red, or sun-kissed blonde.

“There are two types of stylists in the world: sculptors and architects. I think of my work as sculpting, collapsing and expanding different areas, creating texture and movement.” 

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